Saturday, June 9, 2012

Homemade Strawberry Jam and the Floor...

The jam was smelling YUMMY, and after using the Ball instant pectin packet I knew it was a breeze.  I could then proudly proclaim that I have made strawberry jam with fresh strawberries that I picked myself. 
 Actually, after looking at my fingers from picking and dehulling (if that's not the right word, please correct me) the strawberries, it looked like a murder had been committed.
So why on earth would anyone go this trouble to make strawberry, or any other,  jam when it can be bought at the store! 
Good question. 
I have this burning desire, thought, stubbornness, craziness…. to be independent, and know that I can “do it myself.” 
I’d already made dill pickles and salsa (recipes coming soon) and I was on a roll, even though it was 9:30 at night, I was tired, but I wanted to (stubborn, crazy….) I also knew better.  “…But it will only take 30 minutes…” I reasoned to myself as I cut the strawberries into small pieces, measured the sugar, and poured in the Ball instant pectin. 
WOW, what a delightful smell – I had mixed it up per the directions, put it in the jar, and I was shaking the jar to mix it up properly.  My hands were wet and so was the jar, but I had a good firm grip on “my” homemade strawberry jam.
Hubby, Mr. Cooki, (did I mention I have my own Santa Baby ;)) came into the kitchen to empty the trash can which was rather overflowing thanks to me!  I thought he was going to say something about the trash being full (feeling just a little guilty here….) so I was ready with my comeback.  Furiously shaking the jar of fresh made strawberry jam, with my wet hands on a wet jar.  All the flavors are blending and…
All over the kitchen floor. My washed-that-day kitchen floor, was now splattered with my fresh and homemade strawberry jam.  It was EVERYWHERE.  The glass from the jar I was shaking included.  
That was my comeback to a non-existent comment.  Mr. Cooki just looked and asked me very quietly, “what happened?”  He told me not to move and quietly swept up the mess I had made.  Then he mopped the floor for me, before he burst out with laughter.  He told me I was more concerned with what he was doing than paying attention to my shaking……. Humph ;)
Yes, I was actually tempted to make it again, only this time it was 10:30 p.m.  I didn't, I went to bed and slept hard.
The jam was made the next morning and tasteted scrummy!   
Using the Ball instant pectin makes it so easy.  Next time (yeah, I know) I'll use just a smidge less sugar as it was too sweet for me.  Even though the recipe only needs 1/2 cup it was too much for me.


  1. Your blog on strawberries looks good. Lots of work picking and making jam.
    I love the recipes you have on here. They all look so good and cake recipes I have never tried.

  2. Thanks moonlake for the visit and the kind words :) Love cooking blogging but been too busy with other stuff lately. Got some recipes to put on here tho!