Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not Another Recipe Site

Well, yes, and no!  You see I love to cook, entertain and of course, eat the food!  In fact, as a kid growing up in England I was left to my devices (that alone is scary) and I tinkered in the kitchen concocting a variety of substances I called food.  My dad is no longer alive to tell his side of the story ;) 

Thankfully my husband enjoys cooking and eating my concoctions - he really does.

Many people through the years have asked for my recipes and, I, in turn, have collected recipes from some fabulous people I've met.  Credit is given to them for their contribution, so if they see it in print - YAY - contact me!!  All of them have all been taste-tested by me and mine through the years and I have made some modifications to my taste. 

Recipes will include desserts, hints, meats, meals etc.  I hope to share stories with the recipes (I have quite a few...) - food is more than just eating to sustain ourselves.  We eat to celebrate, to mourn, to honor, to hang out with friends, to gain weight, to lose weight, just because it tastes good, and many other reasons and occasions.

Comments are all welcome so come join me as we cook together :)

Check out the Better Than Sex Cake on the next page - I didn't say it was better ;)

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